Monday, August 15, 2011

Tim, The Christian, Apologizes To Atheists

To all you atheists everywhere and especially to those who read this blog, I am sorry.  I just read a news story about death threats being leveled against atheists in response to a Fox News post on its Facebook page about the American Atheists' lawsuit to stop a crucifix from being erected at the World Trade Center Memorial. Apparently, over 8,000 such comments were posted.  A link to an article about it is here:

As a Christian, I am horrified by this. I apologize on behalf of Christians. This type of response has no place in Christianity.  I worry that this type of response is too common.  It is wrong headed and evil and idiotic.  Please try and remember that for every one of these nut jobs, there are hundreds of Christians who would give you a hug.

Again, I am sorry.  This is wrong on so many levels.  


  1. To answer your question about athiest morals, I know that it is wrong to kill someone. I would like to get all of those people who made those death threats and throw them all on an island and watch them kill each other over their ideas, but a scheme of that size would certainly take up more resources than I would be able to acquire.

  2. Perhaps I've spent to long on the internet but I wasn't 'that' phased by this poll when I originally heard it. The keyboard is the best mask to hide behind. I honestly don't take such threats seriously unless someone wants to deliver it to me face to face.

    In other news hugs are always appreciated and all offers will be immediately redeemed from the nearest vendor.

  3. Where do you live? I will be by to give you a hug.

  4. Some of those threats seem very fabricated. While I agree that it is horrible and ridiculous that some Christians said that. I would wager that a lot of those comments are from Atheists pretending as to prove that Christianity is bad. It wouldn't be the first time I've heard of Atheists masking themselves of as Christians to try and prove a point.

    For all who said such things, shame on them.

  5. @Tim
    Sadly, due to safe internet protocols I do not post my address in public venues. Please inquire via email if you wish to personally deliver your hug.

  6. @RayzorDragon. Totally understand and think that is wise. Nevertheless, here is a virtual hug.