Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tim, The Christian's, Background

Fair enough regarding the need for introductions. In some sense, I object, because in a very real sense our backgrounds are irrelevant. In other words, I hope that people will analyze the merits of the arguments themselves, rather than look at the background of the person who is making the argument. Nevertheless, I am willing to talk about my background so you do not believe that I am shirking the issue.

I got my B.A. in philosophy from a Christian college, Westmont College.  Philosophy includes many other things besides apologetics, but because I was at a Christian college, apologetics was a major emphasis.  As a result I am very familiar with the arguments for the existence of God, and I am fairly familiar with opposing arguments. I have read a lot of the major atheists from Nietzsche to Freud to Darrow.   I also have had some discussions with modern atheism proponent, Sam Harris.  Until recently I lived close to another Christian university, Biola, and have taken several master's level apologetic classes.  All that being said, I have knowledge but wish I had more, and there are plenty of people out there who can defend the positions I am taking better than me.

I also was, until recently, a trial attorney, so I am used to a good argument.

Unfortunately, I agree with your assessment that most atheists are more well read than Christians.  To be honest, it troubles me and disturbs me.  It is evident even on our blog so far.  We have had one Christian comment and all the rest have been atheists.  I have been trying to figure out why that is the case.

I will say that most atheists I know, and it is even apparent from the comments, are surprisingly belligerent and angry.  I find that often they fail to directly address the argument and instead choose to become defensive or viscous.  I do not mean to offend when I say this, but I think it is because for most atheists, atheism is their religion.  I do not think that about you, however, and thus I was willing to do this blog with you. So far I have been pleased to note that you, for the most part, address the arguments.  And I have been very pleased about the civility of the discourse. 

So here is to an open, honest and civil debate. Like you said, I believe we are off to a good start.  I have been disappointed so far about the lack of response from "my side", but nevertheless, think that we have a good thing going.


  1. You are not alone Tim, but Andrew sometimes is not really worth the time. Claiming that he has any knowledge of Christianity just because he was previously in Catholic School, or was a Christian himself means little to nothing. As he himself has noted, many Christians know nothing of Christianity, the same way as many Atheist don't know anything about Evolution and the very thing what promotes their Atheism.

  2. Evolution promotes atheism? Nonsense!! If only that were true! All I'd have to do is show people science, evidence and fossils and people would instantly become atheists!! Evolution no more promotes atheism than Tinkerbell promotes religion.

    (I have a small daughter. She has a Tinkerbell movie she really likes. The faries cry, "Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!" to motivate themselves. I thought I'd explain the reference, in case you missed this spectaular theatrical presentation.)

  3. You are not worth the time Andrew. But i will follow you throughout the interwebs...why you ask?
    because i am...
    Forever Alone